Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Better Together: VOTE for the last 3 pairs!

There are only three days left before the end of my 30-Day Better Together Series! At the beginning, I didn't actually intend for the series to be all food-themed but it just ended up that way. I didn't think I would have enough food pairings to make it to 30 but here we are, in the home stretch! For the last three drawings, I thought I would try something new and take some suggestions from all you creative people out there.

So here's the deal: you can either come up with your own suggestion for what I should draw next, OR, just vote for your favourite from the list below!

Here's a list of some ideas I jotted down that I haven't done yet:

1) olive + martini
2) butter chicken + basmati rice
3) waffles + whipped cream or berries
4) pizza + soda
5) cupcake + sprinkles
6) cupcake + cherry
7) carrots + peas
8) a BLT sandwich (bread, bacon, lettuce, & tomato holding hands)
9) nutella + spoon
10) banana + 3 scoops of ice-cream
11) popcorn + drink
12) beer + wings
13) hot chocolate + marshmallows
14) coffee and croissant (Note: I did coffee + donut already, but I would draw it differently of course)

Wow... this series could probably go on forever. But I will only do three more! To vote, leave a message in the comments below with your pick and come back tomorrow to see the next drawing! ;) 




  1. awesome! i get to vote!!!!

    olive + martini
    pizza + drink
    beer + wings

  2. So creative!

    Ice Cream + Fries
    BBQ Pork + Rice
    Sashimi + Wasabi!

    1. ice cream and fries is SUCH a good one. and unique! i already did ice-cream twice (apple pie + ice cream, and waffle cone and ice=cream). darnnn......

  3. nom nom nom

    beer & wings
    nutella & spoon

  4. oh you did a smore already..

    rum & coke!

  5. I like the waffles and the cupcake ones :)

    1. hmmm... i might just have to do one of those ;)